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Behold the cuteness

I was going to write a post, but Andrew is waking up, so here’s another quick shot from a few days ago.


Sophie of the countertop Serengeti

I’m on leave for about a month, at home with Andrew full time, so you can hopefully expect some more pictures and posts soon.  Before he wakes up from his nap, here’s one that goes out specially to our friends Ali and Victor.

Sophie of the countertop Serengeti

Thanks for Andrew’s Sophie, guys!

Happy Halloween

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

So cute, isn’t he?

Knocks his socks off

Andrew seems to have a problem with socks.  He always manages to lose one.  This morning, I noticed that three different socks had accumulated in his swing.


Aren’t little socks just amazingly cute for some reason?


Jet lag (and baby lag?)

I went to London on business recently.  I was there for a week, and I’ve been back home about the same amount of time.  It was really hard being away from home while Amber is pregnant, but we both managed to survive without one another for a week.  It was snowing most of the time I was there, and I managed to get some pictures of a snowy Trafalgar Square:

I’m trying out a Live Writer/Sky Drive photo album integration here.  Please let me know what you think.

Anyway, I’ve been suffering the requisite jet lag since I got back.  For most of the week I’ve been going to sleep really early and waking up really early.  Although it’s been gradually getting better, I think I’ve shifted from jet lag into baby lag.

Obviously, our little one isn’t here yet, so it’s not like I’ve been waken by crying or anything like that.  It’s just that there is a lot that we need or want to do between now and July and when I happen to wake up at four a.m., my mind starts to get going on that stuff and I can’t get back to sleep.  Of course there are other big things going on right now that get thrown into that mix, so maybe it’s not fair to call it baby lag, but that’s the big one and it’s all kind of intertwined anyway.

Perhaps surprisingly, I’m not laying awake worrying about what kind of father I’ll be.  I definitely have those thoughts from time to time, but it’s all the preparation stuff that is getting me right now.  It’s been getting better, so maybe it’s all just a phase.

The Lima Bean


Is it on fire?

I haven't bothered to set any places in the Windows 8 weather app, so its tile cycles through a few places from around the world.  This forecast for Mumbai caught my eye this morning:


I'm pretty sure I never want to live anywhere where the forecast might be "smoke."

King Tut Exhibit

As a volunteer at the Pacific Science Center, I was able to get passes for Amber and I and a couple of friends for a showing of the King Tut exhibit Monday night.  It was incredible how close you could get to most of the exhibits and really see the detail and artistry.

I took a few pictures with my phone (didn't bring a real camera) to try to capture the beauty.  Here are some of the better ones. Statues - can't find a description Kneeling Statue of Hatshepsut The Collossal Statue of Tutankhamun Colossal Statue of Amenhotep IV Golden Mask of Psusennes I Canopic Coffinette is one of four miniature coffins that held the internal organs of Tutankhamun.

Unrelated to the ancient Egyptians, I also snapped this picture of the Space Needle behind the Science Center Arches. 

The Space Needle behind the Science Center Arches

The exhibit was great. I highly recommend checking it out.  You have a while (January 6), but don't wait until the last minute.

And you can quote me on that…

Often I find myself shocked at the use of quotation marks in signage.  I spotted this one on the sidewall of the bus today.


Does anyone know who Seattle Metro is quoting?

Hiking Diamond Head

I'm still looking through photos from our recent Hawaii vacation, but here are some more from our hike of Diamond Head.

DSC02845 DSC02895We stayed our first two nights in Hawaii on Waikiki, then the rest of our vacation at the Turtle Bay resort on the North Shore.  We decided that we would hike Diamond Head as a stop on our way between.

We figured it would be a pretty easy hike, but some of the signs gave us a little pause.




Throwing caution to the wind, we continued anyway.  It wasn't too far before we were able to enjoy some nice views.


And of course, more signs warning us of impending doom.


Ever stalwart, we bravely pushed on and were rewarded with more spectacular views.


Close to the summit, you are given a choice - the short cut up these stairs, or going along the trail. DSC02860

We chose the longer route which afforded more views anyway.

DSC02866 DSC02878 DSC02870

At the summit, we found a surveyor's mark DSC02874

So we posed for a picture with it to prove incontrovertibly that we made it to the summit.