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Zune Pass song credits

For probably the 20th time since I subscribed to the Zune Pass, I let my 10 free song purchases for the month expire this month.  Well nine out of the ten anyway.  I'm determined not to let this happen again and I have until 10/13 to pick out seven more songs.  The three I picked tonight:

  1. The Only Exception - Paramore
  2. Airplanes - B.o.B.
  3. If I Die Young - The Band Perry

I think I am experiencing the same problem doing this that I experience when I go to a music store: all the songs and albums I want get sucked out of my head and I end up wandering the aisles hoping that something will remind me of what I want to purchase.  Virtual wandering in this case, I suppose.  So this is where you come in.  Help me figure out some music to buy.  Comment away, and help me get the most out of my Zune Pass.