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Comments fixed

It looks like there was a configuration that I messed up in my last upgrade.  Anyway, comments should be fixed now.  Please let me know if you see any other issues.

Comments broken

It looks like comments aren’t working on the blog.  I’ll try to get them fixed soon.

Blog Updates

I updated the blog this morning to use Umbraco 4.7.0.  Everything seems to be working, but if you notice any issues, please make a comment and let me know.


Tag filtering, anyone?

I've listed some of the bugs with my blog on a couple of posts ( Happy Monday Revisited and More Blog Bugs).  I've spent some time on it and published some fixes tonight.  The one that you will notice is that the tag navigation on the right should now correctly display all the posts with that tag.  This actually enabled another feature - when you click on a post, related posts will be listed.  I'll follow up soon with some more technical details on this fix for those of you who might be interested.

I'm still working on these issues:

  • Timestamps are all set to midnight
  • Blog posts are ordered correctly by day, but multiple posts on a given day are in reverse order
  • The Comments RSS feed doesn't have published dates
  • The Latest Comments list is in random order
  • Publishing at a specific time (other than immediately) is broken
  • "Older posts" and "Newer posts" navigation links interfere with the most top post title.  I thought I had a fix for this, but I noticed when I published it that it pushed the right panel to the bottom of the page, so I rolled it back.

If you notice any odd behaviors as a result of my changes, please let me know.

Happy Halloween!

It's just getting dark and we are hopeful that we will get our first trick-or-treater soon.  Expect a full report later tonight.

On another note, I updated Pardon My Reach to the latest version of Umbraco today and I think everything is at parity with before.  Next thing to do is start tackling those bugs I've been meaning to fix.  Let me know if you see anything weird in the meantime.

Happy Monday Revisited

It looks like it has been a full week since I've posted anything.  The good news is that the blog is still running.  The bad news is that I haven't fixed any of the nagging little issues that pester me.  Here's a brief list of issues and ToDos for the site:

  1. Need to get on the latest Umbraco
  2. Need to decide if I'm going to pickup the latest sources from the Blog4Umbraco project and compile it myself or continue to wait for them to release a "stable" version (either would probably fix some of the following issues)
  3. Timestamps are all set to midnight
  4. Blog posts are ordered correctly by day, but multiple posts on a given day are in reverse order
  5. The Comments RSS feed doesn't have published dates
  6. The Latest Comments list is in random order
  7. Publishing at a specific time (other than immediately) is broken
  8. Can't upload images from Live Writer (links to images work)

There are more things, but I need to get ready and head into work.

Blog downtime

I don't know if anyone noticed or not, but my blog was down for about 12 hours last night, and has been up and down this afternoon.  Astute readers may have noticed the link to Umbraco at the bottom of the page - Umbraco is the content management system (CMS) that I'm using to manage and render this blog.  It's actually rather nice open source software, built on Microsoft technology, so it seemed like a good way to go when I decided to migrate from Windows Live Spaces and my blog there to my own domain.  Anyway, to make a long story short, I tried to update the version of Umbraco I was using last night, and somehow in the process, my site stopped working.  I mean really stopped working.  I don't think it was anything to do with the new Umbraco bits, though.  I think that something I (or someone else on the same server) did really hoarked the server based on the error messages I was getting.

By the time this was going on it was about 1:00 a.m., and I decided that there wasn't anything I could do but contact support.  I'm using Softsys hosting, and I must say that I've been very happy with their support so far.  I submitted my site down ticket last night at 1:04 a.m and by 1:12 a.m they responded saying they were looking into it.  At 1:40 a.m., they emailed to tell me that it was fixed, but I'd given up for the night and went to bed.  If I was running a site with a ton of traffic or some sort of commerce, I wouldn't be happy with that much downtime, but odds are that no one noticed the down time except for me, and since this is a hobby for me, their turn around time was more than sufficient.

So anyway, when I saw the email this morning, I tried to finish the upgrade, but I was still running into some issues, so I just pointed it back at my old site.  My blog rendered, but the Umbraco "back office" still wasn't working right, so something was still messed up.  After playing around off and on all night, I finally decided to diff the web.config on the server with the standard one from the Umbraco 4.5.1 build.  Lo and behold, there were a bunch of aspx handler configuration lines missing somehow.  How this happened, I have no idea, but when I dropped the one from the build (first altering it to point to my DB), everything started working again.  Whew!

Long story short, assuming this post is successful, everything is back the way it was before I started messing around with stuff.  What's frustrating is that I still haven't made any progress getting my Umbraco installation up-to-date and I haven't fixed any of the nagging issues with the blog, like being able to post pictures from Live Writer.

This post was a lot of boring semi-technical stuff, so I will try to follow up with a more interesting one real quick.  Clicking publish and crossing my fingers now…

Picture fun – not.

Tonight I was going to try to post some pictures from our trip to France last year.  Not timely, I admit, but it was at least going to be topical - I was reminded about it when I was reading about all the strikes happening in the EU right now.  It really would have sucked to be expecting to take the train back to Paris and find out that it wasn't running that day.  Not that we would've been likely to understand what was going on given our spotty (at best) French.

Anyway, I haven't yet setup picture support for my blog and I ended up spending most of the evening not making much progress on it.  I guess I'll have to make that a priority, since a blog without photos is pretty boring.  But for tonight, if you want to see the pictures of I was going to post you'll have to go to flickr to see them.  Check out my pictures of French Knockers!

There are a few other things I've noticed like the thumbnail icons for comments that could be improved.  Any other feature suggestions?

Setting up my new blog

Hi everyone!  I'm setting up my new blog and this is just a test post.  Hopefully I'll come up with way more interesting content after I get all the kinks worked out.