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Blogging from my phone

Downloaded an app last night that should work with my blog. Just trying it out.
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December already?

I don't know about you, but I can hardly believe it is December already.  I'm never sure where the time goes.  I'm also not sure how more than a week slipped by between posts again, but that probably comes as no surprise to my devoted readers (both of you).

I know you've all been dying to hear whether I got my new Samsung Focus as expected.  I did and I'm loving Windows Phone 7.  It is a huge step up from my last phone.  (Of course, I am a Microsoft employee, so I should point out that any comments or opinions I offer are my views alone and not those of the company.)  I've been playing with it a lot and I think it is a very competitive experience with other phones.

Thanksgiving Goodness! Pie!

I've taken some pictures with it, and I think the flash is amazing.  It may actually be brighter than the sun.  It seems like the reviews I've read really like the camera.  Unfortunately, most of my pictures have turned out a little blurry, but it is probably just my poor photography skills.  Here are some pictures I took at Thanksgiving with my phone.  I don't think these turned out too badly, but I'll keep working at it.

Amber and I were at her sister's place with their whole family and some friends for Thanksgiving.  As you know from previous posts, there was a little weather excitement in the form of snow leading up to turkey day so we were a little worried about slick roads right up until we were heading out, but the weather cleared up and the drive to Maple Valley wasn't an issue at all. 

It may have been the biggest Thanksgiving gathering I've attended.  There was quite the crowd of people and everybody brought incredible food to share.  Amber's sister Heather made a wonderful turkey with all the fixings and a ham for added measure.  We made mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, brussel sprouts, stuffing (all Amber's efforts), and a couple homemade pumpkin pies with a caramel pecan topping (my contribution).  After dinner, we played Bananagrams and Apples to Apples - apparently we couldn't stop with the food even when we weren't eating.  It was a great time and Heather deserved a round of applause for all her hard work making it happen.  Thanks, Heather!

I suppose I could say more about my phone, but I need to decide how to talk about it without sounding like a company shill so that will come later.  I did just download a trial version of a blogging app, so maybe I'll try posting using that for my next post.

It's cooooold out there today

It's our second day of winter wonderland here in Redmond, WA.  As you can see, it's nice and clear, but it is very cold outside.



Amber is now walking to the bus stop to try to get to her lab in Seattle and  I am working from home again today.  I plan to talk to her management at their holiday party about the remote robot worker plan I mentioned yesterday.  I really think it could work.

We almost got enough snow that you can't tell I should have mowed the lawn at least one more time before winter got here.  Almost.




The most surprising news so far today is that my new phone is still scheduled for delivery.  I hope UPS isn't just taunting me:


Looks like Tuesday

imageMy phone is on it's way.  According to the tracking, it should be here Tuesday.  Must have patience…

But I want it now…

This may be one of those posts that invite the trolls to come out.  My new Samsung Focus, instead of being in my hands right now, is sitting in a warehouse somewhere.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I've been using my T-Mobile Wing for a very long time.  A very long time.  So many times I've been tempted to switch to the iPhone, but I've resisted.  I just knew that Microsoft would be shipping a great phone anytime now, and I wanted to be loyal.  So I've waited. 

Yesterday was to be the day my patience would pay off.  Unfortunately I was naïve.  So many other folks wanted that phone that the AT&T stores around here ran out of stock before I could get mine.  So instead of a shinny new phone, I have this to look at.

Waiting is the hardest part

So my new phone is supposed to arrive on Monday (maybe this weekend if I am really lucky).  Not a bad turnaround time, all things considered.

On a related note, I'm looking for a good blogging app for Windows Phone 7.  A cursory search of the app store revealed this app, which, while the price was right, didn't exactly get stellar reviews.


Maybe I should keep searching.  Or maybe my first Windows Phone 7 app project should be a blogging app.