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Happy Halloween

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

So cute, isn’t he?

Happy Halloween!

It's just getting dark and we are hopeful that we will get our first trick-or-treater soon.  Expect a full report later tonight.

On another note, I updated Pardon My Reach to the latest version of Umbraco today and I think everything is at parity with before.  Next thing to do is start tackling those bugs I've been meaning to fix.  Let me know if you see anything weird in the meantime.

The Death of Pi

It turns out that all great art is fleeting.  Or maybe it just rots.  Like with our Pumpkin Pi jack-o'-lantern.  Sadly, I noticed that he was a little fuzzy yesterday morning and I planned on setting him outside for the rest of his life, but I forgot to do so before leaving for work.  When I came home yesterday evening, poor Pi was just a shadow of his former self.  He was actually runny and moldy.  I was shocked at his quick decline.  I guess we shouldn't have kept him indoors.

Pumpkin Pi anyone?

Pardon My Reach has been kind of quiet for the past couple of weeks.  My dad and sister left Wednesday morning so Amber and I are getting back to the normal routine and catching up on stuff, including blogging.  I'll be sharing more stuff about their visit and some pictures later this weekend, but I had to take a few minutes and post some photos from tonight's activity.

Amber bought some pumpkins while my family was in town, but somehow we never got around to doing any carving while they were here.  Coincidentally, Anne and Kevin have a pumpkin carving shindig coming up so we thought tonight that we'd try to get limbered up for the competition.  Amber and I have a compatible sense of humor, hence Pumpkin Pi!


Pumpkin Pi was actually Amber's vision - she's wanted to do it for a long time.  I think the results turned out awesome, don't you agree?  In my opinion, visual pun + math humor = great jack-o'-lantern.  We had a ton of fun carving it.  Now I want to do more pumpkin carving.


Wouldn't this shot of Pumpkin Pi and Lucky make a great Halloween card?

Amber has some more pictures of the carving in progress on her camera, so maybe I'll post some of those later too.