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Christmas Vacation!

It's official, I'm on Christmas Vacation.  Ah the sweet taste of freedom.  Or semi-freedom.  Does semi-freedom taste like semi-sweet chocolate chips?

I write semi-freedom because this isn't quite like the Christmas Vacation of my youth.  Don't get me wrong, there will be much slacking, merriment and sleeping late, but there is a holiday project plan Amber and I have to get through.  There is still much to be done between now and Christmas, and New Years as well.  Top of the list for me: finish my Christmas shopping.  But that is going to wait until tomorrow, I think.  I can't bear the thought of fighting the crowds in the stores the weekend before Christmas.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Under ideal circumstances, I would go in the morning in hopes of missing more crowds, but unfortunately I have to be home tomorrow between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for a service technician to look at our BRAND NEW REFRIGERATOR.  It's shinny and it keeps the cold stuff cold and the frozen stuff much colder.  What it doesn't do, what it has never done,  is deliver ice cubes on demand through the convenient ice/water delivery chute in the front of the freezer door.  As this was the primary motivation for replacing our old refrigerator, we are both disappointed with this particular defect.

At this point, you are no doubt bursting with helpful troubleshooting suggestions.  Let me stop you right there.  Amber and I have both troubleshot the issue.  We've reviewed manuals.  We've sought out professional advice.  Yes, we are getting water through the door.  Yes, the ice maker is on.  Yes, it is cold enough in the freezer.  No, we still don't have any ice.  Yes, damn it, we are really getting water!

After careful examination, we've come to the conclusion that the thing is just plain busted.  Either that, or the product manuals and Sears professionals are deliberately trying to keep the solution from us.  Possibly in an attempt to once again gain entrance to our home for reasons passing understanding.

My hope is that the service technician will be here bright and early tomorrow, will point out the hidden and undocumented "don't make ice" bypass switch, sneer derisively at my incompetence and flip the switch, causing a cascade of perfectly formed ice cubes to burst forth at our whim.  My suspicion is that the service technician will be here at two, will look at the thing, maybe poke at it with a screwdriver, and say something really helpful like, "yep, that's busted."  At which point he will inform me that the part they need to fix our BRAND NEW REFRIGERATOR will be shipped by dirigible approximately three months from now and I should schedule another convenient four hour block of time for them to fix it sometime around April.

Maybe I'm wrong and there will be a Christmas miracle yet.