Change of season

I was looking at my old blog today and realized that I’d managed to go all of 2014 without posting once.  Impressive, huh?

It’s been a year of changes for us.  Andrew is now nearly one-and-a-half and he’s moved from the cutie you see rolling over in my last post to an equally (if not more cute) toddler.

Andrew at music class

Christmas was a blast this year.  He especially loved the lights, or “yights” as he adorably mispronounces them.  Our neighbors put on quite the show, and he figured out that he could turn our Christmas tree lights (on a clapper) on and off by clapping two blocks together since his hands weren’t quite strong enough to make a loud enough clap.  (There’s a video I’ll post later of this.)

Sadly, the neighbors’ lights are all gone, and we took the Christmas tree down Friday, so there aren’t that many “yights” for him to enjoy anymore.  But seasons change, and we have to change with them.

And with that (trite) metaphor: another change this year has been my employment.  You have probably heard about the layoffs that Microsoft has been doing this past year.  Turns out that I am one of the 18,000.  As of the end of December, I officially become a former Microsoft employee.  There’s very little I like about looking for work, but at least it gives me some freedom to do things like have Andrew/Daddy Thursdays, where I get to do fun things like take Andrew to music class (as pictured above).

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll blog some more.  But don’t count on it.  My track record sucks.

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