Monthly Archives: August 2013

Knocks his socks off

Andrew seems to have a problem with socks.  He always manages to lose one.  This morning, I noticed that three different socks had accumulated in his swing.


Aren’t little socks just amazingly cute for some reason?


Welcome, Andrew!

I’m a dad! 

Our little bundle of joy, Andrew, is three weeks old as of today.  Isn’t he adorable?


The above was taken when he was just a couple of days old.  Here’s a more recent picture:


I’ll definitely be posting more photos, don’t you worry.

It’s been a fast three weeks since he officially entered our lives, one week later than expected.  He is the best baby ever.  Seriously.  He’s really great.  That isn’t to say that he doesn’t have his moments, but after some of the colicky baby horror stories I’ve heard, we definitely have nothing to complain about.  Most of the time, he’s really happy and not too fussy.  And most importantly, he’s doing great health-wise.

I’m still trying to articulate what it means to be Andrew’s dad.  I love him and want to take care of him and give him all the best things.  I can’t wait to see what he does next and how his personality will develop.  There is a lot that I don’t know about being a father, but I want to be really, really good at it.  I hope I will be.