Monthly Archives: March 2013

Spring Cleaning

In preparation for our big arrival in July, Amber and I have been working on a lot of stuff around the house.  Essentially, it amounts to Spring Cleaning on a much larger scale than I’ve usually done.

In going through some old files, I came across this gem, an invoice for a DVD player I purchased in June 2000:

dvd invoice

A closer view:

dvd invoice

That’s right, I bought it for the low low price of $800.  Today, I’m pretty sure that stores throw more advanced technology at you to try to get you into their stores as you pass by.


Happy Pi day everyone!  It’s not too late to enjoy some pie to celebrate.

Isn’t he cute?

We had the 20-week anatomy scan yesterday afternoon, after which Amber posted this picture on Facebook:

me and baby

Her comment for the picture was “My BOYs :)” which caused slight confusion among a  few friends who thought that it meant we were having twins.  Nope, Amber just has the two of us, me and Baby X, who’s name is still to be determined.  Given our IVF protocol, it would’ve taken a minor miracle for us to be having twins.  But even if that minor miracle happened, unless Baby X’s twin is the best hide-and -seek player ever – and we are talking Olympic hide and seek caliber here – the scans we’ve had make it pretty well definitive that there is no twin.

It really is amazing what technology can do now, although I wonder if it doesn’t bring a little extra fear into our lives sometimes.  As this scan approached, I was pretty optimistic that everything would be fine, but during the scan I did have some moments of fear that the technician would find something.  I found myself occasionally watching her face for tells, which my poker friends will probably tell you is a waste of time for me to do.  I also left with a little neck strain.  I’m not sure if that was because of stress or the position of the monitor on the wall.

In any case, things are still looking really good and we are over the halfway point on the path to our little one’s arrival.  It was a happy day.

In case you are curious, it is also definitive that we are having a boy.  We had a test done earlier (for reasons other than determining gender) that definitively revealed that, but we also got clear photographic evidence yesterday.  For the record, I won’t be posting that particular picture.