Bending our house to our will

Today Amber and I tackled another home improvement task, installing a cable TV outlet on an interior wall in our bedroom.  This is step one in a long series of tasks which ends with Amber’s studio becoming our nursery in July.

Quick aside: when does a nursery become a bedroom?

Today’s task involved the purchase of $35 worth of tools and materials from Monoprice (including a compression crimping tool and a cable stripper) and $179 of the same from Home Depot, almost one-third of which was a flexible drill bit.  So when all is said and done, the outlet cost a little over $200, but several of the tools will be useful in a future wired network installation project as well as moving the cable outlet in our living room for a wall mount TV, so I don’t feel too bad about the cost.

Flexible drill bits are pretty cool, by the way.  Check out this example video if you are curious what it is.  I think it is much easier if you can see into the wall as in this video.  For us, not so much.

Based on some reconnaissance under the house last weekend, I estimated that the project would take about one hour.  The total duration ended up being more like four hours, of course.  The major delay was drilling down through the wall into the crawl space.  The problem was that the edge of the hole ended up over a floor joist and my drill wasn’t powerful enough to make it through.  To complicate matters, I couldn’t find where we were breaking through (if we were) because of insulation under the floor.  I thought the bit would deform or push the insulation out of the way, but the joist was binding up the bit so it wouldn’t push it through.

Anyway, long story short, after pulling down a bunch of insulation, most of which I still have to put back up, I found the hole we kind of drilled and we managed to get the cable fed through.  And then it was just a matter of pulling it up to the front of the house, stapling as I went, and splicing it into the existing cable.

So now we have a cable TV outlet where we need it.

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