Stupid Knee

Just after Christmas, Amber and I went to Arizona for a few days to get away from it all.  Unfortunately, we didn’t really manage to get away from everything.  While we were there, the flu got us both.  Amber, who had already gotten a flu shot (and has much better immunity in general than I, it seems) was sick for about a day.  I seemed to get the worse of it, and found myself sick in the middle of the night and unable to take more than three steps without passing out.

On one of my attempts to make it between the bed to the bathroom without losing consciousness, perhaps the first one, I fell and messed up my knee somehow (I really don’t remember the details), which added to my difficulties.  For the first day or so after, I couldn’t really put any weight on it.  But fortunately, it got better and I was able to limp home to Seattle without crutches.  Since then, though, it seems like it’s not really changed.  If I sit for too long at a time, I limp around for a bit when I get up.  I can’t really kneel on it without pain – I’m not a very penitent guy anyway, so that doesn’t bother me too much.

Anyway, I’m tired of waiting to see if it’s going to get better, so this morning I’m off to the doctor to start what I am sure will be the following sequence of events:

  1. Visit the doctor, who will say that they can’t really do anything and send me to an orthopedist
  2. The orthopedist will tell me that they can’t tell what’s wrong without an MRI and send me to get one
  3. Go and get the MRI
  4. Go back to the orthopedist who will look at the MRI and tell me that I’ve strained or pulled (hopefully not torn!) X in my knee and send me to physical therapy
  5. Go for multiple visits of PT, enjoying none of them
  6. Hopefully get back to the nominal level of crappy knee dysfunction that I previously enjoyed

I’m off to start using that shiny new deductible I now have.  (Don’t get me started on my insurance changes.)

This probably comes off like a whiney rant, and maybe it is.  I have a lot of people in my life that have way worse medical issues and not nearly enough insurance to deal with them, so don’t get me wrong; I am very grateful that I can do this and hopefully get better.

End of rant for the day.

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