All the fun…

It's been a busy month.  Some of our activities this month have included, in no particular order:

  • A Scientist Spotlight at the Pacific Science Center.  This was my second spotlight where I did my activity on software testing I developed as part of a communication fellowship there. 
  • Cinco de Maggie with our friends Val and Jeremie (and their golden retriever Maggie, of course) in Bellingham
  • A first-aid class.  We are now certified, so feel free to need first-aid in front of us.
  • A visit to Pallets and Pairings as part of a Team in Training fundraiser.  We painted Summer In Paris.  I wasn't happy with my Eiffel Tower, but I think my girl turned out nice.
    Okay, it's a little phallic. You try painting the Eiffel Tower! 
  • Celebrating Mother's Day with Amber's mom.  As part of the festivities, we put together the barbeque we got her for Christmas.
  • Going to the UW Street Fair.  It was wet that day, but that didn't stop anyone, including us, from enjoying the fair. Tasty ice cream sandwich
  • At the fair, and as mentioned in a previous post, I purchased a couple of really cool prints that now adorn my wall.  I can't seem to get a very good picture of them, but they turned out really great framed. These aren't the droids... Arrrgh!
  • Making bagels.  We did a pretty good job on "bake and release" on this batch.  (Thanks go to our friend Anne for sharing the term "bake and release") Step one: boil Step two: place in oven and bake Step three: enjoy!
  • Attending Luau for Love, a benefit for the campaign for marriage equality in Washington.  We had a lot of fun at the event, came home with a few silent auction items, and really felt good about supporting this cause.
  • Hanging out with Amber's nephew.  Amber and he invented pizza cupcakes!  (Yes, that is popcorn on some of them.) I didn't have the popcorn ones. Really tasty.
  • Putting the fully assembled barbeque to good use over Memorial Day weekend.  Now I really want a new grill.
  • Replacing the stereo in my car with a shiny new working stereo.  What happened to the old stereo?  I've been trying to let this go, so long story short, its anti-theft code got messed up somehow and it was pretty much a brick.  The new one has cool features.  Focus on the positive.

I know I'm forgetting a bunch of other stuff we did, but those are some of the highlights from May.  We'll see what June has in store…

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