Hiking Diamond Head

I'm still looking through photos from our recent Hawaii vacation, but here are some more from our hike of Diamond Head.

DSC02845 DSC02895We stayed our first two nights in Hawaii on Waikiki, then the rest of our vacation at the Turtle Bay resort on the North Shore.  We decided that we would hike Diamond Head as a stop on our way between.

We figured it would be a pretty easy hike, but some of the signs gave us a little pause.




Throwing caution to the wind, we continued anyway.  It wasn't too far before we were able to enjoy some nice views.


And of course, more signs warning us of impending doom.


Ever stalwart, we bravely pushed on and were rewarded with more spectacular views.


Close to the summit, you are given a choice - the short cut up these stairs, or going along the trail. DSC02860

We chose the longer route which afforded more views anyway.

DSC02866 DSC02878 DSC02870

At the summit, we found a surveyor's mark DSC02874

So we posed for a picture with it to prove incontrovertibly that we made it to the summit.


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