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These senior citizens today...

I've been sitting at a Tully's, nursing a coffee and waiting for the time to go back to the finish line of the Mercer Island half marathon to cheer Amber to her finish for about an hour now. The whole time I've been here, there's been a group of old-timers holding court at a large round corner table. It's clear that this is at least a weekly activity for them, if not a daily one. I've been alternating between thinking that it's great that they have this social time and suppressing the urge to interject my very opposing viewpoints.

Roller Skating

The last time I went roller skating, I'm pretty sure I wasn't asked whether I wanted inline skates or quad skates.  That's how long it's been.  My roller skating hiatus is over now, though.  Amber, Flat Justice, and I went roller skating tonight.

Lacing up my rentals

I only fell once, but skating is way harder than I remember it being.  My balance isn't as good, nor are my knees.  Amber is quite the skater, though.  She has her own skates.  She can skate forwards and backwards!  Even at my skating prime, I never mastered the backwards skate.  She didn't do so, but I'm pretty sure she could literally skate rings around me.

Sitting out the backwards skate.

The crowd at the Thursday night "adult" session was bigger than I expected.  I'm quoting adult because I'm pretty sure about 75% of the patrons couldn't legally drink.  And probably 97% of them were way better than me on skates.  I'll admit, I figured that skating, at least at rinks on quads was dying off, but if the Thursday night crowd at the Skate King is any indication, it is doing okay.

Tonight wasn't quite the nostalgia trip that I thought it would be.  This was a much nicer rink than the one I skated at in my youth - there was no duct tape on carpet or benches anywhere to be seen.  The differences in the rinks probably wasn't what was keeping me anchored in the here and now, though.  I'm guessing it was me concentrating so much on not falling on my ass.  Get me more relaxed and next time I'll probably have flashbacks.  Especially if they play some 80s music.  Safety Dance would do nicely. 

By the way, the rink didn't have any two dimensional skates, so Flat Justice had to sit out tonight.  We all had a fun time, nevertheless.

What’s your story?

What's your story, lonely banana I saw from the bus window Friday morning?  Did you get lost on your way to work?  Was someone sorely disappointed by your disappearance around lunch time?

Lonely banana could be a great band name

Art Day

Amber organized a trip to Palettes and Pairings for us and a few of our friends today.  It was a ton of fun, and we have new art we made ourselves!


I highly recommend it.  I'll post some pictures from the class when I get Amber's.

Impressive game engine video

Very cool video. Recommend full screen view.

Saw this posted on boingboing today.

Making Sushi

Sunday evening Amber and I made our first attempt at homemade sushi using the rolling mats and dishes that Amber got as wedding shower gifts from her friend Angela.  (Thanks, Angela!)


We started by making our rice.  On the left is our tezu, a vinegar, salt and sugar solution added to the rice after it is cooked.


While the rice was cooking, we started prepping some of the ingredients.


Flat Justice (who is visiting from California) helped as much as he could, given that he is two dimensional.  There really should be a telethon for the dimensionally impaired.


After the rice was cooked, we added the tezu


and spread the rice out to cool.


While I was fanning the rice to cool it (sadly, not pictured), Amber worked on the prep for some of her ingredients, shrimp and crab meat.

6954274959_5ac999e180_b 6954303225_6f4b02eb71_b

And then, the moment of truth.  We got the salmon from Whole Foods.  It turns out that they don't sell sushi-grade fish from their fish counter, but the sushi counter was happy to oblige us.  (I'm sure the chef was secretly wondering why we didn't just buy her salmon roll.)


For our first roll, I tried a salmon roll. 

6954368137_045f448157_b 6954368679_9dbc6581d3_b

The rolling went pretty well, but I didn't get the placement of the ingredients or the proportions quite right, so I wound up with kind of a spiral.


It looked and tasted really good, though.


Next, Amber tried her hand at a shrimp and crab roll.

6954370553_7f446638ce_b 6954371981_9b3cfbce29_b 6808263878_62e83efc35_b

She did great on her rolling.


Isn't that impressive?

6954373979_12caab3f7e_b 6959117669_4750272a4d_b

We practically licked our plates clean.


We each made a couple of really tasty rolls and had a blast doing it.  I think for next time (oh yes, there will be a next time) we will look for some alternate sources for our ingredients, especially the fish.

Sushi attempt one: success!

Yay, Friday!

It's Friday morning, so one just one more day and I am done with my work week.  Which means I don't have to get up at approximately 6:00 a.m.  Which is a good thing.  For those of you who get up even earlier, feel free to self-righteously comment to yourself about how lazy and/or lucky I am to be getting up at 6:00 instead of X:XX.

The sad thing is that even though I don't have to get up at 6:00 on the weekends, I just can't sleep late like I used to.  So I just never seem to catch up on sleep.  I've always heard and read that exercise is supposed to give you more energy (though this seems a slight violation of the laws of physics) and reduce fatigue.  It's even talked about, albeit briefly in this video recommended at our Weight Watchers meeting this week.

Unfortunately, I've never managed to feel energized by exercise.  Amber has suggested that I'm not doing it consistently or frequently enough, and obviously it is something I need to get better at doing, so I'm working to build more exercise into my life.