Weight Watchers Update

I'm back from London!  Actually, I got back Friday night.  I'll try to write another post about the trip and post a couple more pictures tonight, but I thought I'd take a few minutes this morning and give you a quick update on my weight watchers progress.

Amazingly, despite eating classic English breakfasts regularly and knocking back a few pints at the pub, I managed to lose weight during the trip.  Actually, I suspect that I met my goal of staying flat during the trip, and because of the timing of my weigh-ins, it just looks like I lost weight.  In any case, I'm down another 1.6 pounds since my last weigh-in which brings my total loss to 8.6 pounds.  I'm averaging 1.7 pounds per week, but I've definitely been tapering off since the first few weeks.

The topic for last night's meeting was tracking.  A little unsurprisingly, there were a few people that talked about how it was hard to find the time to track their food, but I have a hard time understanding that when it literally takes only a few minutes per meal. Everyone has their own issues, though. Maybe they really are that busy taking care of the kids (which gives me a little pause as Amber and I are officially trying) or maybe they are doing it on paper, which I'm sure is more time-consuming.

Exercise is my albatross.  I've actually been a little better this week so far at getting in some time on the exercise bike, but I need to expand the activity and especially figure out some time to stretch so my knees don't start to kill me.  (Stupid knees!)

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  1. Gravatar of Ann-MarieAnn-Marie
    Posted Wednesday, February 08, 2012 at 11:42:26 AM

    Welcome back! Congrats on losing during vacation; mine resulted in a 5 lb (!!!) gain.

    People who say they don't have time to track are full of crap. They just aren't the kind of people who like to track and use time as an excuse. You're right it takes maybe five minutes (if you don't have the app, less if you do) out of your entire day.

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