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Favorite Photo

We had dinner at Anne and Kevin's last weekend, and they kindly gave us a copy of this picture of us dancing at their wedding last May.  It's now one of my favorite photos of us.

Dancing at Anne and Kevin's wedding.

Sadly, there are no flying lemons pictured in it, but other than that, it's great.

Interesting story

This is an interesting and kind of sad story I stumbled across on Mental Floss.  Check it out.

The Weekend is Ending

I'm not sure how another weekend has blazed by.  It doesn't seem like I ever manage to get the things done that I should, including writing a real blog post.  It just makes me sad.

I will give you another brief weight watchers update.  According to my scale last weigh in, I gained back most of the weight that I'd lost the previous week.  According to the weight watchers official weigh in, though, I stayed flat at last Tuesday's weigh in.  The last couple of days have been lots of social eating, but I've done a better job on actually getting off my ass and exercising, so I'm optimistic that my results will be better this week. 

I'll save my rant about how annoying it is to be watching what you eat at parties for later.

Weight Watchers update

I'm a little behind on this post, but I did want to mention that I lost another 1.8 pounds as of last Monday, for a total loss of 10.4 pounds.  This past week may not be so pretty, though.  I've eaten out more this week than I have since I started (not including my business trip), but to the best of my estimation, I've been staying within points.  Despite my best efforts, though, my worry is that I'm not estimating the points accurately enough on these meals.

Another worry I have for my upcoming weigh in is that I didn't manage to keep my exercise efforts going.  I caught a cold, and that was my excuse for that to grind to a halt.  I definitely need to do better this coming week on getting exercise in.

Minor fixes

I fixed a couple of minor issues with the blog last night:

  • When using a tag filter with a tag containing more than ten posts, older, newer posts navigation doesn't include the tag filter.
  • Navigation on Archive page/links doesn't work.

So now you should be able to page through posts filtered by tags (assuming there are more than 10 posts with that tag) and also navigate to a month's posts from the Archives list on the right.  If you notice any additional issues, please leave me a comment.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Check out today's Valentine XKCD:

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Why does the internet fail to fascinate me?

I'm recovering from a cold and Amber is out and about right now, so you'd think that this would be some prime internet communing time, wouldn't you?  There are about a dozen sites that I look at regularly, mostly webcomics like XKCD and Penny Arcade and some blogs.  I don't find myself spending hours browsing.  Do you?  If so, what sites?

Weight Watchers Update

I'm back from London!  Actually, I got back Friday night.  I'll try to write another post about the trip and post a couple more pictures tonight, but I thought I'd take a few minutes this morning and give you a quick update on my weight watchers progress.

Amazingly, despite eating classic English breakfasts regularly and knocking back a few pints at the pub, I managed to lose weight during the trip.  Actually, I suspect that I met my goal of staying flat during the trip, and because of the timing of my weigh-ins, it just looks like I lost weight.  In any case, I'm down another 1.6 pounds since my last weigh-in which brings my total loss to 8.6 pounds.  I'm averaging 1.7 pounds per week, but I've definitely been tapering off since the first few weeks.

The topic for last night's meeting was tracking.  A little unsurprisingly, there were a few people that talked about how it was hard to find the time to track their food, but I have a hard time understanding that when it literally takes only a few minutes per meal. Everyone has their own issues, though. Maybe they really are that busy taking care of the kids (which gives me a little pause as Amber and I are officially trying) or maybe they are doing it on paper, which I'm sure is more time-consuming.

Exercise is my albatross.  I've actually been a little better this week so far at getting in some time on the exercise bike, but I need to expand the activity and especially figure out some time to stretch so my knees don't start to kill me.  (Stupid knees!)