Monthly Archives: October 2012

Windows 8 Install

As I'm sure many of you know, Windows 8 officially launched today.  Although I've been using it on several machines, I haven't been running it on my primary desktop at home.  The reason is that I've been using Windows Server 2008 R2 on this machine and there isn't an upgrade path - you have to reinstall from scratch in this case.

Of course, most people are running an OS like Windows 7 or Vista (or even XP) that can be upgraded easily.  I just happen to be difficult.  I've been using Windows Server so I can use Hyper-V and run multiple virtual machines on my desktop.  One great thing about Windows 8, however, is that it includes Hyper-V support.

So tonight I bit the bullet and installed from scratch.  I have a lot of applications to reinstall, but now I'm running a consumer OS again!

This is me

It hasn't been a couple of years, but it has been several months.  So much for my New Year's resolution to keep this blog fresh.  Let's see if I can bring it back to life starting today.