Snowpocalypse day four

Every year before the winter starts I think to myself that I should actually buy a snow shovel and stock up on deicer.  And then winter comes and one of two things happens: either we get next to no snow and I feel good that I didn't waste money on that unnecessary shovel or we get a big snowfall and I lament the fact that I didn't plan ahead better.

Guess which one I'm doing this year?

Today marks my fourth day of working from home.  I just took a little break and cleared the snow and ice off our front porch and put down some deicer, but there is no way I'm going to clear off the driveway with the tools I have.  We have eight to ten inches of snow here (probably more in some spots) now and it's still coming down.  We have it better than some folks for sure.  I've seen a bunch of people talking on Facebook about being without power.  It would really suck to not have heat right now.

Back to work.

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