Farewell to the Dominican Republic

Heading on our excursionFor those of you who were wondering, tropical storm Emily was pretty much a non-event for us, although it certainly caused problems in other areas of the Dominican Republic.  We were even able to get in our snorkeling excursion Thursday, even though it was kind of a gray day.

After navigating a little language challenge trying to figure out if we were really getting on the right bus, we headed out for the one and only time we actually left the resort during our stay.  We drove the same road we took from the airport to a place called Dolphin Explorer.

The first part of the Dolphin Explorer experience was seeing the tigers and posing with a parrot for a picture or two.  Because when you think marine life, you naturally think that tigers and parrots are going to be a part of the experience.Tiger!


Pretty girl. And the parot is kind of cute too.

Then they had us watch a "safety" video.  Safety first. Or at least second or third.

You can't see them, but to the left and right of our little area are two other partitions where they have videos blaring in other languages.  The overall result is that no one can actually understand any of the videos.  We obviously lived to tell the tale, so I guess it worked anyway.

Soon enough, we were swimming with some actual marine life.Sea lions are cool.


The ray.

After frolicking with the Sea Lions and Rays for a bit, we loaded up on a boat and headed out to snorkel.  As you can see, they had us wearing life vests the whole time we were in deep water, but I don't really think it was necessary.  The water there is so salty, it's hard not to float on the surface.  I might feel differently if I wasn't wearing one at the time, but they seemed to get in the way a little.

Thanks to our great friends Anne and Kevin, we had a dry bag to put a camera in, so we have some pictures and video from the water.  When people realized that it was Amber's iPhone in the bag (our cameras didn't quite fit), we got quizzical looks and queries in several languages asking (we think) whether we were sure that we wanted to risk such a valuable piece of technology.  We had tested it in the pool, but it was still a little worrisome to take it in the water.  Fortunately, it worked perfectly.


Snorkeling Who you lookin' at?

The video is probably more fun to look at, but I need to do some editing before I put that up.  The water was pretty clear, but as you can see, it was a little dark out that day, so we couldn't see very far.  Still, it was cool to see the coral and the few fish that were around and we had a fun time.  I'm definitely looking forward to another snorkeling adventure at some future time.

After snorkeling, they took the boat into what they called a natural pool, where we hung around in the shallow water drinking and lounging in the water for a while.

Finally, more lounging time.Finally, more lounging time.

I didn't realize it at the time, but after we got back on board, the boat turned into the set of a rap video.  Everyone was drinking and dancing - the only elements that were missing were the Cristal champagne and the rappers.

The next day, Amber and I bid farewell to Punta Cana.  Our trip was fun and relaxing and everything we wanted in our honeymoon.

My Sweetie and me.

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