Monthly Archives: June 2011

29 More Days

Can you believe it, only 29 more days until the wedding?!?  Amber and I both feel like preparations are going well and we are on track to have everything done so that we aren't totally swamped the last few days leading up to the ceremony, but we might be deluding ourselves.

We talked about this on our way home from our first Seattle Sounders game tonight.  Check out these views from our seats:

WP_000162 WP_000164

It was, by my limited understanding, a high-scoring game.  The Sounders beat New York 4-2.  I'm not sure it will become my new obsession, but it was fun watching the game with Amber, her sister and her two oldest nephews.  The tickets, provided by Amber's company, also came with free concessions, so there were hot dogs and nachos aplenty.  The applicable concessions did have some limitations, so no beer and no garlic fries, but I'm certainly not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Besides getting ready for the wedding, I'm getting ready to change offices.  Monday, my team will be moved to the Westlake office near Lake Union (there have been some other changes in the team that I won't get into here) so Tuesday morning I become a bus commuter.  One good thing about it is that I get to commute with Amber since she takes the same express route to Seattle.  Another cool thing is the view.  I visited the office last week and took this picture from the patio.


I still don't have a blogging application that works on my phone, so I guess I can't promise that my blogging frequency will go up, but I'm going to try to be better, promise.