Monthly Archives: April 2011

So I lied…

Yeah, apparently I lied about posting over the weekend.  Um… three weeks ago.  Anyway…

Life has been pretty busy.  Wedding planning/activities have been progressing.  Recent activities included working on the menu with our venue, cake tasting and engagement pictures.  We are still working on the menu, but we've settled on a vendor for our cake: Mike's Amazing Cakes.  The engagement photo session went well.  Or at least it seemed to.  We haven't actually seen any pictures yet so I guess we really shouldn't judge.  But the actual posing seemed to be okay.

Amber near the Paris HotelWork has been a little insane lately, but this weekend I'm heading to MIX in Vegas so next week should be back to sanity.  What's better is that Amber is heading down for a long weekend in Vegas, so we get some R&R together before the conference and in the evenings.  We were there for MIX last year too, but it was a little earlier in the year and despite what appears to be nice weather, it was incredibly windy and too cold to hang out by the pool.  Hopefully this year will be better and we will get some much needed sunshine.

It probably isn't a great idea to advertise when you are away, but for those nefarious individuals who might take advantage of such information, our friend and trusty cat / housesitter, Eric, will be here.

In other news, I have continued to be a slug, but Amber did the Mercer Island Half Marathon a couple of weekends ago.  Here's a before picture:

Amber before the big race

Here's an after:

Amber after the big race 

She got a PR, but would've liked a better time.  Of course, if it were me, I'd still be out there running.

It was a really nice morning and I took a some pictures while she was running.  Here are a few of the ones I like:


Like I've said, I've been a slug lately and not eating very good to boot.  So when I get back from Vegas, I need to really focus on exercising and eating better.  Any suggestions?  Maybe I need to go back through the blog and see how many times I've said something similar.