Catching up

Obviously I've not been blogging much again lately.  Things have been busy at work and I was distracted by a hard drive crash for a few days, so the blog is the first thing that gets pushed aside.

The drive crash wasn't tragic, but it was annoying.  I had my computer apart for a couple of days trying to figure out if it was actually the drive, or something else going on.  It was the drive.  Fortunately, it was my media drive and my backup for it was relatively up-to-date.  When I get a replacement, I should only have about 20 CDs to re-rip and I should be good.  I have the crashed drive and it spins up occasionally, so I may put it in an external enclosure and see if I can get it to run long enough to pull an inventory off of it.

Our Valentine's Day was fun.  (Anne, you have  a dirty mind…)  Amber got us a really cool present: a new buffet!  We spent about an hour assembling it and managed to use all the pieces.  Here's the finished product, complete with our meager wine inventory:


It's a cool gift because it now means we have more storage for dishes so we can start to expand beyond our everyday dishes and have some cool options for when friends come over.

I've also been meaning to write a report on the health goals for 2011.  In short, I've made some progress, but I've been backsliding a little the past two weeks.  When things get busy and I get stressed, I am definitely not as good about eating right and exercising.  Despite this, I'm still optimistic that I will make good progress this year.

One of the things that has clearly helped is not eating out as much.  Amber and I have done a couple "month's of home cooking" now, and I think they have been very successful.  Fortunately we don't seem to have the problem illustrated in this XKCD:

The only downside is that we have a hard time being social when we do this plan, so we are thinking about compromising and eating in except for the occasional Friday and Saturday.

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