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Amber’s three day

My sweetie Amber has been training like crazy to get ready for the three day in November.  She is a rock star, but she needs your support.  Here's more information from her on what she is doing and how you can help.

I'm taking an amazing journey and I'd like you to support me. Thousands of women and men are going to walk 60 miles over the course of three days at the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure to raise money for breast cancer research and community programs-and I've signed up!

I have formed a team, with 2 of the wildest friends a girl can have. Our team, "Another Crazy Adventure", is participating in the San Diego 3-Day Walk for the Cure happening November 18-20, 2011. Together Lindsay Fong, Angela DeRose and I are going to each walk 60 miles in support of breast cancer research and all the women who have battled, and are battling the disease. Our team hopes to raise at least $6900 for the cause (we have each committed to raise $2300).

I know you understand why this is so important to me and understand why I'm asking for your financial support. I've been spending my weekends wandering the streets of Redmond walking and thinking about how far we have to go before we get the answers we need. The walking is relatively easy for me (well, there are some sore ankles and feet and many blisters). Asking for dollars is not. But if we are ever going to find answers to incredibly difficult problems like breast cancer, I know I have to ask. Please take a moment to go online to and select Donate to search for my personal fundraising webpage (you can follow this link or type in "Amber Paschal" or "Another Crazy Adventure").

Thank you for supporting my journey, our team and the research that will put an end this devastating disease.


As of right now, she is one-third of the way to her fundraising goal.  Please help if you can.


My sweetie is training for a Susan G. Komen three day in November.  For those of you who aren't familiar, the event is a sixty-mile walk over three days.  This weekend, Amber is walking 26 miles: 15 today and 11 tomorrow.

I walked with her for a few miles this morning, but she is doing most of it on her own as the other members of her team don't live in Washington.  I am very proud of her for taking on this challenge and I'm sure that she will do great.

I'll post links later for those of you that might want to contribute to her fundraising efforts.