Tuesday Morning Miscellany

I've been somewhat neglecting the blog, but it has been a little distracting at the Amber/Michael abode the past few days.  My dad and sister are staying with us and it is a little hard to get some quiet time to blog.  Plus I'm a bad blogger anyway.

Amber went all out last week for my birthday - number 39, for those who are keeping score - and made me breakfast in bed, decorated the house with happy birthday regalia, made me dinner and got me all sorts of great presents, including a new Penny Arcade shirt to replace my favorite shirt when it finally meets its demise.  In case you don't know the shirt I'm talking about, it is well documented:


Amber's got pictures from my actual birthday on her camera, so I'll post some of those when she shares them.  Also on my list of gifts: more Settlers of Catan stuff, including the Settlers of Catan 5-6 player expansion and Seafarers of Catan.  Now we need to convince more people to play Settlers of Catan. 

Thanks for making it a really special day, Amber!

In other news, it looks like I started this blog none too soon.  Microsoft announced that yesterday that Windows Live Spaces will soon be no more.  I guess if I'd just waited to move, I would've had the decision made for me.

I've also made some progress on using my Zune Pass song credits talked about in my earlier post.  In addition to the songs I'd purchased when I made the post (The Only Exception - Paramore, Airplanes - B.o.B., and If I Die Young - The Band Perry), I've bought the following:

  • FU - Cee Lo (only had the non-parental advisory version available)
  • Billionaire (PA) - Travie Mccory
  • Billionaire (non-PA) - Travie Mccory (Amber prefers this version)

I need to find four more songs to use up this month's quota.   There are a few of Anne's suggestions that I still need to listen to, so I may be good, but keep the suggestions coming anyway!

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  1. Gravatar of AmberAmber
    Posted Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 4:15:14 PM

    Thanks for the tunes. I NEEDED them today.

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