Happy Monday Revisited

It looks like it has been a full week since I've posted anything.  The good news is that the blog is still running.  The bad news is that I haven't fixed any of the nagging little issues that pester me.  Here's a brief list of issues and ToDos for the site:

  1. Need to get on the latest Umbraco
  2. Need to decide if I'm going to pickup the latest sources from the Blog4Umbraco project and compile it myself or continue to wait for them to release a "stable" version (either would probably fix some of the following issues)
  3. Timestamps are all set to midnight
  4. Blog posts are ordered correctly by day, but multiple posts on a given day are in reverse order
  5. The Comments RSS feed doesn't have published dates
  6. The Latest Comments list is in random order
  7. Publishing at a specific time (other than immediately) is broken
  8. Can't upload images from Live Writer (links to images work)

There are more things, but I need to get ready and head into work.

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