Tag filtering, anyone?

I've listed some of the bugs with my blog on a couple of posts ( Happy Monday Revisited and More Blog Bugs).  I've spent some time on it and published some fixes tonight.  The one that you will notice is that the tag navigation on the right should now correctly display all the posts with that tag.  This actually enabled another feature - when you click on a post, related posts will be listed.  I'll follow up soon with some more technical details on this fix for those of you who might be interested.

I'm still working on these issues:

  • Timestamps are all set to midnight
  • Blog posts are ordered correctly by day, but multiple posts on a given day are in reverse order
  • The Comments RSS feed doesn't have published dates
  • The Latest Comments list is in random order
  • Publishing at a specific time (other than immediately) is broken
  • "Older posts" and "Newer posts" navigation links interfere with the most top post title.  I thought I had a fix for this, but I noticed when I published it that it pushed the right panel to the bottom of the page, so I rolled it back.

If you notice any odd behaviors as a result of my changes, please let me know.

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