It's cooooold out there today

It's our second day of winter wonderland here in Redmond, WA.  As you can see, it's nice and clear, but it is very cold outside.



Amber is now walking to the bus stop to try to get to her lab in Seattle and  I am working from home again today.  I plan to talk to her management at their holiday party about the remote robot worker plan I mentioned yesterday.  I really think it could work.

We almost got enough snow that you can't tell I should have mowed the lawn at least one more time before winter got here.  Almost.




The most surprising news so far today is that my new phone is still scheduled for delivery.  I hope UPS isn't just taunting me:


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  1. Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 10:26:43 PM

    Should I confess that I majorly FAILED at getting to work. Close, but too bad I am not a professional horseshoe player.

    Why do people live in such climates?

  2. Gravatar of kathkath
    Posted Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 9:47:47 PM

    Yay for winter storms and working at home... I can't wait for a snow day here. (Of course it will take 3 feet to close school here.) It means NO work at home and our snow day ritual: a walk through the snow drifts to our favorite brunch hang out!

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