White fluffy cold death?

I like snow, especially when looking at it from inside a warm house, but Like many native Western Washingtonians, I have a somewhat irrational fear of snow.  Or at least driving in it.  Here's the problem:

  1. People here (myself included) don't really know how to drive in snow
  2. The topology of the region makes it hard to drive in snow - I don't care how good a snow driver you are, if you live at the top of Education Hill it's tricky to get up there when the road is covered in packed snow and ice
  3. There isn't the support infrastructure here to keep the roads clear when we get snow

So long story short, when it snows, I tend to stay home.  Fortunately, I have a job where I can work from home and still be productive.  At least reasonably productive.  Unfortunately, Amber is not so lucky.  When you do lab work, it turns out it is hard to do that remotely.  Personally, I think her company should invest in robots that can be controlled remotely, but they are probably concerned about a Matrix/Skynet scenario.  Who can blame them?  Ultimately we can only hope our robot overlords will be benevolent, but why should they be when we've given them all the crap jobs to do?

Anyway, while I was able to stay home this morning, Amber had to brave the elements and the traffic snarls to get to work.  She made it safely, but it was an awful commute.  Turns out that snow days aren't any fun when your Sweetie doesn't get to join in.

Be safe on the roads, everyone.

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