Windy, laddery fun

When I got home tonight I was treated to the crashing of thunder outside.  Actually, it wasn't thunder, it was a couple of pieces of sheet metal flashing along the edge of my roof taking advantage of the somewhat high wind to try to make their escape.

I decided that they would probably be fine and that I didn't want to climb around on a tall ladder in the wind and dark, but a couple hours later, I heard a loud crash outside and decided to go back out to investigate.  The flashing had made significant progress, but hadn't come totally loose and I don't really think it is what made the loud crash.  This may of course mean that despite peering into the darkness with the flashlight that there is another surprise waiting for me somewhere on the homestead.

In any case, my next-door neighbors were outside (they had heard the crash too) and they helped me drag my ladder out and tack the flashing temporarily back in place.  Definitely needs more thorough repair sometime soon when a) it is daylight and b) there is a competent professional around to climb on the ladder.

Thanks neighbors!

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  1. Posted Monday, November 15, 2010 at 10:08:51 PM

    Now it will look like they are getting donuts for being nice and helpful...jerks

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